Marvin (Dev)

The "class" categorization isn't done well

Feedback from Anonymous:
The 6 classes (Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support, Tank) aren't a good sorting mechanism & take away most if not all of the fun of attempting to sort in such a way for players of many types of champs.

A not-so-contained example of this issue is the fact that "Support" is a class but it's also a direct position in the game itself outside of the supposed class boundaries or at the very least the fact that many champs fall under multiple categories just makes the current system arbitrarily draw a line that innaccurately represents half the players who play certain mixed-identity champs.

On my charts for example as a support main, Rell (and by extension every tank support) is classified as a tank even though she's hardly viable outside of any position but support, Senna is listed as only a Marksman, Xerath/Brand are only listed as mages, & there are many more examples of this sort of issue.

Proposed Solution:
Either allow users who confirm/link their accounts to personally change their identifiers so that users' profiles accurately present their charts to how they play them. (So that I for example could put Galio into support even though he has other positions/classes he fits into)
Introduce a position sorting mechanism so for example a mid player would be able to see their Viktor, Akshan, & Fizz in the same category even though they're all vastly different champions
Marvin (Dev)

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First off as a response/explanation for why it is the way it is: The classes are based on the output of Riot's API and therefore entirely based on Riot's opinion.
Good news is that there's 2 planned features that will tackle this problem: Another option (role: Top, Mid, Jungle, Bottom, Support) will be introduced, which will (by default) put champions on their most popular position.
Also, profile verification will be added to allow users profile customization, including custom roles and classes for champions.